3D gold letters

They can be gilded in gold, silver, copper, or painted plainly or decoratively. This type of sign certainly adds another dimension to your signage. Examples of this work can be seen in Brighton & Sussex.

Gilding the 3 Dimensional Letters for the Signwriter

Wood letters can be obtained in all manner of sizes & fonts from numerous suppliers. Once you have the letters it is a good idea to knot & prime the letters, then the next day apply two undercoats. A yellow gloss paint finish follows this once the final undercoat is dry. If the letters are going to be outside then a 24-hour size is the best material to use.

There are two methods of gilding the letters, transfer leaf can be used which is goldleaf lightly attached to tissue paper. Or loose leaf can be applied either with a tip as in glass gilding or it can be rolled out of the book directly onto the sized letter. Depending on what finish you desire will determine your choice of method; transfer leaf is a duller more subtle finish whilst loose leaf yields an extremely bright gilded letter.

If you decide to gild with loose leaf the operation goes like this; goldleaf is shaken out of the book & onto the back of a gilders cushion & into a crumpled heap. One leaf is picked up using the gilders knife & placed at the front of the cushion. It is then cut into the desired sizes for application to the letter. With the gilders tip pick up a piece of gold & place onto the letter. If you brush the tip across your forehead it will be charged with oil, which helps pick up the leaf. Repeat the procedure until the entire letter is covered in gold. Gild with bigger rather than smaller pieces to cut down on joints. Dust over the letter with a squirrel mop brush to remove all loose gold. Any small misses at this point can be filled by the loose skewings that have been dusted off.

Dimensional letters can be made from wood or plastic in any font.

Once the letters are hard & dry they can be wiped over with chamois leather. If any joints show after dusting they must be burnished out by rubbing with cotton wool before the size hardens & dries. Rubbing the letters after they have dried will only diffuse the sheen on them & not make it greater.

Dimensional letters are either solid which can be expensive or moulded to look solid but are actually hollow. Also flat cut letters offer a relatively cheap alternative in most materials.

We can provide every type of dimensional letter & in any style or colour. Three dimensional letters made of wood, plastic, metal or other material can last up to three times as long as sign writing or vinyl lettering. So although this type of sign can seem expensive at first in the long run these letters prove to be a cost effective choice.

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