About Us

About Us

We make signs for local customers in Brighton & Sussex & also for clients all over the UK & overseas. Most of our signs are made in the traditional manner using quality timber, paint & goldleaf. Hand painted sign writing is the core of what we do & also hand painted pictorial work on any surface. Traditional sign writing is extremely versatile & can easily be painted on uneven surfaces. Also very large lettering can be done on flat or bumpy areas at much more competitive prices than the same job in vinyl lettering. Sign writing in signwriting enamels is very durable I have signs that were done in the 1980,s that are still up & working for their owners.

Signs can be renewed completely or they can be repainted which is often a more economical choice. Some framed signs can be over laid with new panels & the framed areas just repainted again for a more cost effective sign. This is especially true of pictorial pub signs which if made from new can be quite costly. Sign writing directly on walls can also be cheaper than having a new sign made & the message can be made significantly larger at a fraction of the cost of having a new sign.

Our expertise in providing traditional signwriting for businesses covers a wide variety of styles and an even wider range of formats, including company signs, sign posts, gold leafing, sign boards, wooden signs, illuminated signs, shop signs, banners, metals signs and restaurant signs. Stylistically, we range from period to modern cutting-edge design and can produce any company logo or pictorial image. For a full range of our services, take a look at what we do. Some projects may involve renewing all of a companies signage whilst others require just one or two signs. We are happy to take on any size job & we can design all the signs, logos, pictorials, etc or we can work with customer supplied artwork.

Pictorial signs can be made using the highest grade material i.e. a hardwood frame surrounding aluminium composite panels. A sign made using these materials can last thirty years or more. Less expensive signs can be made using plywood, masonite, or aluminium composite boards with either softwood framing or no frame at all.

We are based in the South of England near Brighton, Sussex and have worked throughout the UK. Our work can also be seen in the US and Canada! We are more than happy to travel to accommodate your needs.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your specific requirements and to obtain a quotation. Or if it’s easier, just send us an email info@britishinnsigns.co.uk.

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