Honours Boards

Honours Boards

article The signwriting on these signs are usually in goldleaf and maybe a black shadow just to enhance the sign writing. These custom made signs really can look beautiful, worthy of gracing any sports or leisure club. I have created many of these signs all over  Brighton & Sussex. The signs can be made from a variety of different woods, mahogany, ash, beech, oak to name a few. They can be made solid from these woods or from plywood veneers for a more modestly priced sign. These signs can have moulded edges or profiled edges to suit.

Honours boards can be made by us from any hard or softwood to any design & dimensions.

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Signwritten honours boards hang in sports & leisure clubs all over the country, they can really give a club a sense of history. They can look absolutely beautiful with hand lettered sign writing announcing the winners of each years competition. What better way of recording the history of your clubs competitions than in beautiful sign written honours boards.

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