Poster writing

Handwritten posters on paper or card are still a great way of advertising any upcoming events or sales & special offers. They can be tailored to fit your every need & to convey the very essence of your message. This is a very cost effective sign & can generate a lot of interest in any business because of the bold nature of these signs. There are different coloured papers including a selection of fluorescent shades, also there are a wide range of colours that can be used for the lettering & designs for the posters.  We have made posters for clients all over Brighton & Sussex.

Posters can be made to any size with lots of signwriting or just a few words to convey your message. If your business needs to boost sales then this type of sign is for you.

Poster, Showcard & Ticket writing for Signs & Signwriting.

Handwritten posters are seldom seen today as the old poster writers have long since retired & modern sign companies use vinyl graphics. However hand lettered posters can still be profitable work if you can produce them quickly & with real punchy layouts. This type of work is normally best achieved on a slightly sloping bench. On poster paper, which comes in various colours, the layout is best set out with white chalk, lines being sapped in the usual manner. If white paper is being used then layout lines are done lightly in pencil. Where poster layouts are concerned organising the text & establishing the main wording & the correct placement of it are the key to a successful design. Once the main copy has been decided upon it should be located in the optical centre of the poster, which is about 10% above the actual centre. A bold font should be chosen & it should be rendered in the strongest colour. A lot of posters are lettered entirely in black in which case the weight of the main copy is even more important. The rest of the wording should be subordinate to the main wording, but the painter must allocate different size & boldness to the remaining copy according to its importance. If this all sounds a little strict it is not meant to be because posters can be layed out with a lot more movement & freedom than is permissible with signwritten signs. However the rules of layout have to be observed i.e. nice big margins all around the poster an absolute for any successful design.

Ticket writing really is a thing of the past, where every shop would display its goods adorned with hand-lettered tickets. This type of work was rapidly produced by extremely fast tradesmen who made volumes of snappy tickets for all manner of shops & department stores.

Showcards are not often seen today either, maybe at exhibitions or hotel lobbies or nightclubs advertising upcoming events.

The paint used for posters, tickets & showcards is oil based poster colour or a water based version, which works best on card as it wrinkles paper.

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