Traditional sign-written and pictorial signs

Traditional sign-written and pictorial signs

All our signwriting & pictorial work is done by hand using traditional materials & techniques & carried out by time served tradesmen.

Hand painted signwriting offers a different approach & a more unique original look compared to the mass of generic computer graphics.These signs do not have to be old or antique, very modern appearing signs can be created using traditional methods.

Pictorial pub signs are unique, they have been produced for more than a thousand years using the same methods. A preliminary sketch is made of the proposed image or clients provide the artwork themselves. Then when this is approved the sign is constructed & then the painting of the pictorial begins.

Traditional signwriting is fast becoming a rare skill among sign manufacturers and there is still no alternative for the quality workmanship of traditionally hand painted signwork.
There are many ways to achieve a good pictorial, but most sign artists have there own way of working & preferred techniques. I begin by transferring the image to the sign by projector or squaring up. Then I work on the main image or focal point of the sign, using sign writing enamels & blending fast. Once completed I finish the background & then apply up to three coats of pale varnish. This results in a very durable weather resistant sign especially if the panels are aluminium & cloaked in a hardwood frame.

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